The Theory Of Everything

James Marsh’s film, The Theory of Everything, made me proud to be British. It is a film that far exceeds any American films I have watched in the past 12 months. People out there may argue that there are a range of classic, successful British films. However, I don’t think any of them have touched me as much as this one has.
Creating a film about Stephen Hawking was a genius idea. The majority of people are aware of Stephen Hawking and his relation to science, but not many saw him as a human being. Instead, he was a figure to look up to and gawk at with no personality anyone could relate to. Having a robotic voice eliminates emotion and expression but The Theory of Everything reminds its audience that Hawking isn’t just a scientist. He is a man with a great personality and a fantastic brain. He is unfortunate to suffer from motor neurone disease but he doesn’t let it define him. He has humour, wit, love and a drive for life.
The film was an inspiration, and it couldn’t have cast more suitable actors. Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones had an on-screen connection that is hard to come by. The intensity and power of their character portrayals helped to drive the fantastic storyline to success. The two went beyond mere acting and became the characters themselves. Redmayne in particular completely transformed himself both emotionally and physically.
There is nothing to fault in this film. It was sublime and seamless. It is another example of a film that can be intense and exciting without the need of violence, car races, or ‘in your face’ comedy. The film was raw and real and was too excellent to need the distractions that action films so often use.
The film reminds its audience that Stephen Hawking is not only a great man but he is a great British man. It is easy to forget this with his american voice and his american residency. But it is good to remember that we have such a brilliant British role model.
The Theory of Everything is cathartic and emotional but, most importantly, inspirational. It reminds one of the value of life.


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