This Was the World and I Was King at the Brockley Jack Theatre

Based on a part of history that still touches us today, HookHitch theatre have produced a musical play that allows its audience to reconnect with the lost vivid imagination of childhood. In order to hide away from the horrors of WW1 (a war that has temporarily taken their father away) 3 siblings use incredible puppets, made by the HookHitch creative team, to voyage to a land of excitement and untroubled fun.

This Was the World and I Was King takes its audience through a wave of different emotions and each mood is embroidered with folk music that is beautifully sung by the ‘out-of-scene’ cast. The cast spend the majority of their time on stage whether it is to sing, to play an instrument at the side of the stage, to work a puppet in the background or to be the prime focus of the scene. The way the cast work together creates a real sense of community; a reflection of the way that society came together to get through the depression of the First World War.

Unlike many productions, the unchanging set did not scream ‘low-budget production’. The static set emphasised the children’s ability to outwardly project their imagination and change the scene around them. It reminded its audience of how easy and simple it used to be to change simple objects into a convincing alternative reality. Despite its underlying themes of war and depression, it was magical to see the workings of a child’s imagination unfold so beautifully onto the stage.

Melodic music, a powerful family bond and a strong multi-talented cast make this production worth seeing (ends 20th February):!this-was-the-world-and-i-was-king/cphw


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